So you are looking for a slip? Here are a few things you should know...

    Slips are either Commercial or Residential. Commercial Slips are simply slips found in commercial areas or zones. These can include public and private marinas, and individual slips located at privately owned waterfront commercial properties whose primary function is not as a marina operator.

    By contrast, residential slips are slips located behind waterfront homes. These individual slips are the property of the homeowners who often contact us to find tenants to rent their slips. While in appearance and structure these slips are basically the same, residential slips generally carry more restrictions than commercial slips. These restrictions may vary according to the homeowner and/or the CC&R's of a specific community. These restrictions generally limit the number of guests, tenant noise levels, number of overnight stays (live-aboard tenants are generally prohibited from these slips), and type of use (charter and other commercial uses are prohibited in such areas). While residential slips may be more restrictive, their rates are generally are more attractive than their commercial counterparts. Residential slips also provide a much needed secondary inventory for high demand harbors.

    To view our available list of slips, using your cursor, just scroll right or left of the thumbnail slip photos above. Click on any of these photos to enlarge the photo and view detailed information on the slip. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us at: 949.675.4847. We're happy to help.

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